We make a BIG difference.  Our mission is to create the kind of school community where teachers and administrators can do their best work - and so can our kids. Your participation lets you share your opinions and ideas for how we allocate resources, time and money to help create the supportive, caring atmosphere that makes school fun.


9:00am - 10:00am

CRPTO Meetings



We are welcoming...and we have FREE coffee ;)  We are parents, just like you, coming together to work toward common goals. We welcome all who would like to join us. Share your ideas and talents. Plus the work is rewarding both personally and toward your child's educational excellence.

Speaking of fun...we HAVE it!  We are passionate, committed and have fun raising BIG dollars for CRS to help fill BIG gaps in funding.  By doing so, we help EVERY student at CRS EVERY day with activities and programs not funded by SUSD.

Your child benefits.  When parents get connected to the school, children benefit plus they will think it's cool to see you on campus. Research shows children whose parents are involved get better grades, do better at tests, and have fewer discipline problems at school.

* Meetings are held in room 608 on campus, unless otherwise noted.

We get the inside "scoop".  The CRS Administration attends each and every meeting. Yep, that's right! Principal Eyerman, the entire CRPTO Board of Directors, and more are ALL IN ATTENDANCE AT EVERY SINGLE MEETING!  Ever wonder why a new program is created or another is cancelled? What's up with AR?  What is AZ Merit is all about? What's going on with Middle School sports? Where all of the CRPTO Education Support Fund money goes?  Well....come find out.  We'd love to give you the "scoop"!!​​     

September 6th
October 18th

November 15th
January 17th

March 6th
April 10th