What will the theme be this year?!?!

This is not your average book fair! As you enter the event each year you will be transported into a new world- we've visited Egypt, Outer Space, Enchanted Forests, Pirate Ships, the Himalayan Alps, a Monster's Inc world, Far Away Castles, and even fallen into Alice's Wonderland!

Where will we visit this school year?! Look for clues scattered around the school as we prepare for the magic of reading! 

Elementary School Book Fair Day

September 27-28, 2021

Elementary School Students visit and shop with

their class, during an assigned time. 

Book Fair is ONLINE this Fall

September 17-30, 2021

Shop online from September 17-30, 2021


Scholastic Book Fair

Middle School Book Fair Day

September 24, 2021

Middle School Students visit and shop with

their English Language Arts teacher. 

Check out our Scholastic Book Fair "Arctic Adventure" in September 2019