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The CRPTO Education Support Fund sponsors over $140,000 annually of educational programs, events and activities at Copper Ridge School that are not funded by the Scottsdale Unified School District . 

What is the CRPTO Education Support Fund (ESF)?
The CRPTO Education Support Fund is an annual fund built by the generous contributions of CRS families, that sponsors educational programs, events and activities at CRS that are not funded by the Scottsdale Unified School District. The ESF is sponsored and governed by the CRPTO.

Thanks to the overwhelming support of CRS families in years past, the ESF has funded programs your child participates in each and every day on campus- see the list below!
The goal of ESF is to enhance the student, family, teacher, and administrator's experience at CRS!

What is the suggested contribution to the ESF?
We ask that each family contribute $125/student.

Any amount above or below the recommended donation would be greatly appreciated!


ANY donation provides you with a CRPTO membership and access to our school online directory!

Suggested contribution: $125 = 1 student

                                                       $250 = 2 students

                                                       $375 = 3 students

Reading Interventionist                                                                    Art Masterpiece Program
MS Honors Program                                                                           Campus Security
Aides in lower grades                                                                         Full Time Computer Lab Aide
Academic Programs                                                                            Campus Support
Laptop Computers                                                                               Technology
STEM Curriculum                                                                                 Classroom Supplies

School Garden                                                                                        5th Grade Promotion

8th Grade Promotion                                                                         NJHS Induction

PBIS                                                                                                              Student Council

Field Day Sports Banquets                                                             Middle School Gym Sound System

6th/7th/8th Laptops                                                                          Health Center and Health Screening and much more!


Education Support Fund

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