CRS CONNECTS is a new Welcome Committee and Program sponsored by the CRPTO.  We are always excited to see new families at Copper Ridge School and hope we can make your transition easier.  Whether you are new to Scottsdale or just to Copper Ridge School, we are happy to help you Get CONNECTED to an existing Copper Ridge Family to help answer questions. Help make a positive impact on your first year at Copper Ridge School.  Help you feel welcome and involved.  This is a program for the whole family.  Parents helping parents and students helping students…all through CRS CONNECTS.
We know it’s hard to be new. Not only for our students, but for their families, too!
That’s why we encourage our new families to register with CRS CONNECTS.  Don't worry - we will help you Get CONNECTED.


It’s hard to be new.  Not only for our students, but for their families, too! Sign up for CRS CONNECTS and be connected to a NEW Copper Ridge School family.   Serve as their CRS CONNECTS Ambassador.  
Chat & Chew

October 3

9:00 am

Room 608

Mix & Mingle

November 30th


Ciao Grazie


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